1. Should Lloyd fire Steve? Why or why not? If he shouldn’t fire Steve, what disciplinary action should he take?
Answer. I think Steve should be fired. The most obvious reason why that is Steve was the one who started the fight. As described from the case, Steve “lunged across the countertop” and “clutching at Roberto”, “grabbed him and hurled him”, along with “moving in to throw a punch”. Unlike Roberto, Steve has always had an excellent record, not only in his work performance but also his attitude. In fact, he had been working at the club for three years. Out of all people, he should have known better about the club standard and the discipline for his actions. If Lloyd somehow happened to keep Steve after his activities here, there is a chance that Roberto can sue Steve for being assaulted at work and it is exceptionally conceivable to happen.
Not only to mention that what leads to this big mess seems to be Steve’ fault, for not performing his task as what he’s supposed to do. He did not tell Roberto in the first place about an item was sold out. As a server myself, I have to stand with Roberto in this part of the story. Whenever something goes wrong in the restaurant, whether it’s the food or the atmosphere or anything, the server is always the one getting blamed. Though most of the times, it’s not even something the server has control over. And I have always thought that if only everybody just keeps doing their tasks right, even during peak hours, we could save so many unwanted issues. In Steve case, I thought if only he simply did what he was supposed to do, which is warning the servers about the sold-out item, there would not be such exploded incident.
It’s a bummer to have let go of such good worker, according to Steve’s prior accomplishments and excellent performance. But good worker is not rare, and what’s wrong is wrong. It’s unfair to get special treatment for the fault you did just because you had a better perfect record. If we tolerate it once, other employees will think it is ok to behave that way in the workplace, and very likely, a similar incident will occur in the future.
2. Should Lloyd fire Roberto? Why or why not? If he shouldn’t fire Roberto, what disciplinary action should he take?
Answer. I think Lloyd should fire Roberto as well. Though Roberto does not have as much responsibility in this incident as Steve does, but this is a great opportunity to release an employee that doesn’t perform. Looking back at his records, Roberto attitude has always been a trouble for the restaurant. His work ethic is terrible. He’s been late for work habitually and is rude to almost all his co-workers. Warning and disciplines does not seem to work on him as well. He’s been given multiple “one-last-chance”, and his disciplinary wasn’t holding up as well. Moreover, he’s also setting a bad example for other employees. With Roberto’s previous record, and the problems he causes make it a reasonable time to terminate his payroll at Sandstone.