Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is a combination of two words Artficial and Intelligence. Artificial means man made and Intelligence refers to the ability to understand think and learn. Artificial Intelligence was first propsed by John Mc Carthy in 1956 in his first academic conference.The idea of machines operating like humans started out to be the center of scientist’s thinking and wheather or not if it is possible to make machines having equal potential to think and study by itself was brought by the mathematician Alan Turing.
According to the father of Artificial Intelligence John Mc Carthy it is “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines,especially intelligent computer programs” .AI is the combination of science and technology based on disciplines like Biology,Mathematics,Computer Science , Linguistic and engineering. As you can see by the figure. Artificial Intelligence is the new technology that is leading ahead in today’s world. Take an example of mobile phone , it has various feature in it like google voice,siri,neural engine chip in iphone X,in Samsung there is BIXBY, So as you can see there are various features that are used in our samrtphones, it ‘s all about AI.