Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Introduction
This research talks about the effect of the store atmosphere on consumer purchasing decisions in Virgin Megastore, because there are many factors that can influence a consumer’s decision in purchasing. The music in the store, the lighting, design of the store, layout of the clothes are all examples of things that can affect the consumer’s purchasing decision. Sometimes, just by looking at the store design from the outside this could make you feel a bit mysterious of how their designs are and it can also make you feel some hatred towards the store or bothered by the design, hence affecting the sales of the shop.
This is going to be an applied research on the effect of Virgin Megastore’s atmosphere on consumer purchase decisions in Egypt and it aims to know more on why and how the store atmosphere can affect the purchasing decisions of consumers by making surveys, online questionnaires, and observing customers entering stores or their expressions towards Virgin Megastore.

1.1: About Virgin Group:
Virgin Group is a family owned growth capital investor, with a globally recognized ; respected brand. Their investment team focuses on their core consumer sectors which are travel ; leisure, telecoms ; media, music ; entertainment, financial services, and health ; wellness. They seek to invest in more opportunities and partner with like-minded investors. They provide value in their investments using 3 ways:
• Sector expertise and track record across 5 core sectors.
• Experience and understanding of consumer behavior, brands, and marketing.
• Strong network of investors, management teams, and alumni.
Virgin Group is an active venture investor that is focused on technology with a portfolio of over 35 companies spanning the consumer internet, fin-tech, and sharing economy sectors. Virgin Group has more than 60 businesses that serve 53 million worldwide customers, who also interact with them on social media, they currently have over 37 million followers on social media.
Virgin Group’s purpose is “Changing Business for Good”. They mean by that statement that they think about the long term effect of the business decisions made today. They aim on having a clearly expressed, fixed, and measurable purpose in every Virgin business which motivates their decisions and boosts their success which results with positive efforts on customers, people, communities, and the environment. As well as, keeping their purpose principles and values stable in all the existing and the new business investments they make. Finally, innovative universal change beyond the Virgin Group through Sir Richard Branson’s profile and support as a global business leader and rising to the challenges.
Virgin Group invests in more than one industry such as:
• Financial Services: (Virgin Money ; Virgin Money Giving)
• Health ; Wellness: (Virgin Active, Virgin Care, Virgin Health Bank, Virgin Pulse, Virgin Pure, ; Virgin Sport)
• Music ; Entertainment: (Virgin Casino, Virgin Games, Virgin Mega Store, Virgin Produced, Virgin Radio International, ; Virgin Records)
• People ; Planet: (Virgin Earth Challenge, Virgin Racing, ; Virgin Start-Up)
• Telecoms ; Media: (Virgin Books, Virgin Connect, Virgin Media, Virgin Business, Virgin Media Ireland, Virgin Mobile in Australia, Canada, USA, France, Latin America, Central ; Eastern Europe and the Middle East ; Africa, and Virgin Red)
• Travel ; Leisure: ( Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, Virgin Balloon Flights, Virgin Experience Days, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Holidays, Virgin Hotels, Virgin Trains, Virgin Wines, Virgin Limited Edition, ; Virgin Racing)

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o About Virgin Megastore:
Virgin Megastore has over 40 stores in the Middle East ; North Africa and it is currently the leading entertainment lifestyle retailer in the MENA region. Virgin Megastore opened its first store in the United Arab Emirates in 2001. It is a one-stop shop for all a person’s entertainment needs. It offers a wide range of lifestyle products and related services.
Virgin Megastore also sells tickets, which is the no. 1 physical and online ticketing platform in the region, which offers its customers entrance to festivals, clubs, sports events, music concerts, theme parks, and theatricals. Furthermore, Virgin Megastore created a new aspect in entertainment marketing and satisfaction to the region’s cultures through events, activities and support of local artists in all the markets it enters.
1.2: Research Importance:
This research is important because it helps understand the factors that affect consumer’s purchasing decisions and helps in examining their attitudes towards those factors.
1.3: Research Objectives:
Furthermore, this research focuses on knowing the factors in Virgin Megastore that affect the consumers’ purchasing decisions, observing the consumers’ impressions and attitude when they enter and exit Virgin Megastore and compare between them, knowing why and how do these factors affect the consumer’s purchasing decisions, to relate between the factors and the 5 senses (Scent, Sight, Hearing, Touch, and Taste).


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