I. Thesis statement:
Even though opponents claim that students should not work while in college as it consumes the time that could be used in doing other things. However, this is not justified as students who work while in college are able to improve their academic performances, gain multiple life experiences and help them in starting their career life.
II. The opponents claim that students should not work while in college.
A. Students will not have the time to study or perform other activities.
B. Students may not have a mean of transportation to their jobs.
C. They will learn how to prioritise things and manage their time.

D. They can work on campus from the library to events organizing teams.

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III. The first reason why students should work while they are still in college is that it boosts their academic performances.
A. Students learn how to manage their time and become more organized which helps them raise their grades.

B. They can use the knowledge gained from their working life to improve their coursework.

C. Students are more able to work in teams than the ones who don’t work.

IV. The second reason is that students gain various life experiences.
A. Earning money of their own increases their level of independence.

B. They learn how to budget things and spend money more wisely.

C. It helps in building their characters.

V. Another reason is that working helps them in starting their future careers.
A. Their work experiences help them in communicating with future employers.
B. It’s a chance to gain practical experience and network with professionals in your field.

C. A way to create a work record for their resume.

D. They have the ability to observe different management styles.

E. Help them stand out at an interview by keeping a record of the problems they faced and their solutions.
F. Shows employers how ambitious they are and their work ethics.

VI. Conclusion


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