One of the most taught literary terms is irony

One of the most taught literary terms is irony . In fiction, and in life, the irony is all around. The most common types of irony are: verbal, situational and dramatic. It is very important that students distinguish between types of irony. Asking students to create storyboards depicting each type of irony makes teaching these elements a breeze.

The whole short story, “The Story of One Hour,” is one long set for irony. Ask students to create a storyboard using descriptive labels to show that the dramatic and situational irony caused by the unexpected end.

Situational Irony
The difference between those that , is expected to occur , and that in the actually happening.

The Ironic Twist
While Mrs. Mallard is secretly reveling in the thought of her husband’s death in a train accident, he miraculously walks away from him.

Dramatic irony
The reader more aware of the fact , what is happening , what the character.