Penicillium was discovered by Dr

Penicillium was discovered by Dr. AlexanderFleming in 1928 and has transformed the world of medicine, which saved countless lives since the discovery. The experiment was conducted in his laboratory in the basement at St Mary Hospital, London. Fleming stated that the date of the discovery was on the morning of Friday 28 of September after he arrived from a vacation in Scotland.It all started from a Petri dish containing Staphylococcus that was accidentally left unsealed was contaminated by a green-blue mound that was from a Penicillium mold spore which could have flew in from an open window or who knows?!. The temperature condition’s presence while Fleming was away permitted both the bacteria and mold spores to develope. Although the mould prevented the growth of the bacteria. He discovered the antibacterial substance that was produced from a microorganism, precisely, Penicillium notatum. And so Alexander Fleming named it “Penicillin”. (Penicillium Chrysogenum)


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