How Can Machine Translation Be Improved?

Why is translation so difficult?

Translation can also be difficult because of cultural differences.

Words often reflect the culture and the society that use them.

Therefore, words that are able to describe very specific things or emotions might now exist in other languages.

There is associative meaning in languages..

What is machine translation?

Machine Translation (MT) is an automated translation of text performed by a computer. It provides text translations based on computer algorithms without human involvement. With Machine Translation, source text is easily and quickly translated into one or more target languages.

What is the best machine translation?

Top 7 Machine Translation SoftwareGoogle Translate.Microsoft Translator.Yandex.IBM Watson Language Translator.Amazon Translate.Bing Translator.Cloud Translation API.

Why is machine translation important?

Machine translation makes it possible to sift through the foreign language documents, search for relevant terms, and get the gist of what they’re about. … Machine translation is also useful when you have large amounts of user-generated content that needs to be translated quickly.

What are the three main applications of machine translation?

What are the applications of machine translation? Who can take interest for this service?Text translation. Automatic text translation is widely used in a variety of sentence-level and text-level translation applications. … Speech translation. … other Application.Apr 5, 2020

What are the types of machine translation?

There are four types of machine translation– Statistical Machine Translation (SMT), Rule-based Machine Translation (RBMT), Hybrid Machine Translation, and Neural Machine Translation.

Is Google translate reliable?

Google Translate is free, fast, and pretty accurate. Thanks to its massive database, the software can deliver decent translations that can help you get the main idea of a text.

Is Google translate a machine translation?

Google Translate is a free multilingual neural machine translation service developed by Google, to translate text and websites from one language into another.

Has Google translate improved?

Translate has improved by at least 1 BLEU point per year since 2010, according to Google, but automatic machine translation is by no means a solved problem. … “With this update, we are proud to provide automatic translations that are relatively coherent, even for the lowest-resource of the 108 supported languages.”

What makes a good translation?

A good translation is imperceptible. It reads as if the book were written in the language into which it has been translated. Within the text, the translator is invisible. A good translation removes the barrier imposed by an unfamiliar language and allows the writer to communicate directly with the foreign reader.

What is a good BLEU score?

InterpretationBLEU ScoreInterpretation30 – 40Understandable to good translations40 – 50High quality translations50 – 60Very high quality, adequate, and fluent translations> 60Quality often better than human3 more rows•Feb 8, 2021

What poses the greatest problem of translation?

Some of the most common challenges of translation include:Translating Language Structure. … Translating Idioms and Expressions. … Translating Compound Words. … Missing Names In Translation. … Two-Word Verbs. … Multiple Meanings In Translation. … Translating Sarcasm.

How good is machine translation?

Translation Accuracy Good news: On occasion, machine translation will produce a very accurate translation that just needs light editing. Machines seem particularly adept at translating texts with simple sentence structures, although blatant context-related mistakes still plague them.

What is the best free translation software?

What Are the Best Free Translation Tools on The Market?Google Translate. Google Translate is probably the most widely known translation programme out there. … Bing Translator. Bing Translator is one of the best translation tools that can be used on a Windows phone. … Linguee. … WordLens. … Babylon Translator. … Reverso Translation. … Trained human translator.Jan 3, 2020

Where is machine translation used?

Machine translation can help in situations where speed is the most important factor. You get the machine translation almost immediately for your use. It is also a great benefit that machine translation can be used to easily translate texts that would otherwise not be translated at all, such as email messages.

What is the problem of translation?

Cultural issues may arise from differences between cultural references, such as names of food, festivals and cultural connotations, in general. The translator will use language localization to correctly adapt the translation to the culture targeted. A very simple example is a financial translation which includes dates.

How can I improve my translation quality?

5 ways to improve the quality of your translationsLocalize as you translate. Converting copy from one language to another is excellent, but localizing it at the same time is even better. … Never stop learning. Languages change – fast! … Play with synonyms. … Type faster. … Proofread. … Final thoughts.Mar 28, 2018

How do you overcome translation problems?

The only way of overcoming language structure challenges is by having a genuine grasp of the grammatical differences of both languages. With such knowledge, you can alter and rearrange words and phrases to capture the intended meaning in the target language.