What Is A Word For Sound?

What is the scientific word for sound?


The Science of Sound..

What is another word for sound in music?

MUSIC TERMSMain Entry:musicSynonyms:a cappella, acoustic, air, bebop, bop, chamber, classical, folk, fusion, hard rock, harmony, heavy metal, hymn, instrumental, jazz, measure, melody, modern, opera, piece, plainsong, popular, ragtime, rap, refrain, rock, rock and roll, singing, song, soul, strain, swing, tune3 more rows

How do you describe a sound?

Sounds are often described as loud or soft; high-pitched or low-pitched. These words are commonly used to describe, or characterize, how sounds are perceived. Scientists, on the other hand, describe sounds with characteristics that can be measured using instruments.

How do you describe sounds in words?

Onomatopoeia is the process of creating a word that phonetically imitates, resembles, or suggests the sound that it describes. Such a word itself is also called an onomatopoeia. Common onomatopoeias include animal noises such as “oink”, “meow” (or “miaow”), “roar” and “chirp”.

What are the three categories of sound?

The three basic categories of sound are dialogue, music, and sound effects. Dialogue is “characters talking to one another in films” (Goodykoontz &Jacobs, 2011).

What does sound mean in slang?

You’re so sound is something you might say to someone you admire, especially in the UK and Ireland. Sound, as a slang adjective, can mean “excellent.”

What does blare mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to sound or utter raucously sat blaring the car horn. 2 : to proclaim flamboyantly headlines blared his defeat. blare.

How do you describe a beautiful sound?

If you hear something you like, you can describe the sounds as pleasant, pleasing, enjoyable, rich, vibrant, elegant, appealing, delightful, marvelous, splendid, or exquisite. … A tuneful sound have a pleasant and catchy tune.

What is the other word for sound?


What is the opposite word of sound?

sound(verb) give off a certain sound or sounds. “This record sounds scratchy” Antonyms: quiet, silence, unsound, wildcat, risky, decayed, long, unhealthy, invalid, corroded, uncomplete, bad, shallow, unrighteous, speculative, high-risk, rotten, incomplete, unreasonable, rotted.

How do you describe the sound of water?

The verb burble captures both the movement of the water and the sound it makes as it moves. You could also say that a brook or stream or river babbles or ripples or even trickles.

What is the full form of sound?

Answer: sufferers of unnecessary nerve damage is the full form of sound may it help you.

What resonate means?

: to continue to produce a loud, clear, deep sound for a long time. : to have particular meaning or importance for someone : to affect or appeal to someone in a personal or emotional way. See the full definition for resonate in the English Language Learners Dictionary.