What Is Petruchio’S Motive In Coming To Padua?

Is Petruchio poor?

Petruchio is a wealthy bachelor who is on the prowl for a rich wife.

When he hears about Katherine Minola, he agrees to marry her despite (or, perhaps because of) her reputation as a shrew..

Why does Hortensio give up on Bianca?

Hortensio thinks Bianca is acting improper, so he takes off his disguise. Tranio (as Lucentio) gets Hortensio to agree to give up his suit for Bianca and they both swear to each other that they will never marry her. Before he runs off, Hortensio says he’s going to marry the rich Widow.

What qualities does Petruchio’s wife have?

What qualities does Petruchio want in his wife? What does his servant Grumio think about the idea of Petruchio marrying a shrewish wife? Petruchio wants his wife to be rich. Grumio thinks that Katharina will regret her behavior.

How does Baptista decide who will marry Bianca?

In Padua, Baptista decides that Tranio (disguised as Lucentio) will marry Bianca, but he demands to meet his father first. … Hortensio is informed that Bianca has fallen in love with “Cambio.” He resolves to give up his pursuit of Bianca and marry a widow instead.

What does Petruchio’s monologue reveal about him?

What does Petruchio’s monologue reveal about him? He has hunted wild animals, wrestled with storms on the sea, been to war/battle, etc. Nothing can frighten him after all of this, especially a mere woman. No matter how much she yells and scolds, he can handle it.

Who does Bianca marry in Taming of the Shrew?

LucentioShe is the younger daughter of Baptista Minola and the sister of Kate, the “shrew” of the title. The lovely Bianca has several admirers in the play, but Baptista has refused to allow her to marry until his shrewish daughter Kate has found a husband. When Kate marries, Bianca is united with her lover, Lucentio.

How does Petruchio kill Kate with kindness?

How does Petruchio continue to kill Kate with kindness? His words to Kate are sweet, as he calls her names like “my honey love,” yet he willfully ignores what she says or tries to communicate, acting as if she agrees with him.

What does tranio tell the merchant about being in Padua?

Tranio (presenting himself as Lucentio) tells the Merchant than there is a feud between the dukes of Padua and Mantua (the Merchant’s home town), so all Mantuans are in danger in Padua.

Why is Gremio present in this scene?

Why is Gremio present in this scene? His is apparently eavesdropping on Cambio, his rival. … Tranio (as Lucentio) is Gremio’s rival, and Gremio probably wants to discredit him as mush as possible in order to win Baptista’s approval to marry Bianca.

Do Kate and Petruchio enjoy their first meeting?

She is sneaky and behaves differently to her sister and everyone else. Do you think Kate and Petruchio enjoy their first meeting? Why or why not? They were arguing but she was secretly enjoying it because she likes the attention and someone who won’t back down to her.

How does Baptista treat his daughters?

Baptista Minola is a rich man who lives in Padua, Italy. Baptista has two daughters, Katherine (Kate) and Bianca. … Baptista is determined that both his daughters make a suitable marriage with a young man, but he sees that it will be difficult to find a man to marry the fiery Kate.

Why is Kate a shrew?

Widely reputed throughout Padua to be a shrew, Katherine is foul-tempered and sharp-tongued at the start of the play. … She may act like a shrew because she is miserable and desperate.

Who does Gremio marry?

BiancaGremio is one of the wealthiest citizens of Padua. He has a well-appointed house in the city and will be able to draw upon his wealth to make an impressive dowry if he is successful in achieving his aim of marrying his neighbour Baptista’s daughter Bianca.

Why does Petruchio come to Padua?

Plot. In the play, Petruchio comes to the town of Padua in the hopes of marrying a wealthy woman. Hortensio suggests that he marry Kate Minola, the daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the city, particularly because Hortensio can not court her sister Bianca until Kate is married.

Does Petruchio really tame Kate?

Petruchio uses a number of different techniques to “tame” Kate: he proves to her that he can match her verbal acuity and quick wit, then he wields his extreme confidence, and his status as a man, when he boldly tells her father that she has already agreed to marry him when, in fact, she has not.

Why does Baptista hire tutors for Bianca?

Act 1 Scene 1 Baptista reminds them that he will not allow Bianca to marry until he has found a husband for the older, ill-tempered Katherina. Baptista decides that – since she is not to be married for a while – he will hire tutors to educate Bianca in music and poetry.

What is Kate’s argument with grumio about?

What is Kate’s argument with Grumio about? That Kate doesn’t get food or sleep.

What is Petruchio’s plan to woo Katherine?

4.1. 8: Petruchio tells us that his behavior is all part of his plan to tame Kate. He compared her to a hawk that needs to be broken in and says he won’t let her eat, sleep, or have a moment’s peace until she bends to his will.