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Ruize GaoEng 163

Table of Contents.

Being a tour guide……………………………….2
Main responsibilities…………………………….2
Certification and licensing……………………….3
Expected pay………………………………………4
Typical work environment…………………………4
Future prospects……………………………………5
Company prospects………………………………..5
Parting shot………………………………………..6
Solicited Cover letter 1…………………………….8
Unsolicited Cover letter 2…………………………9
Job application letter ……………………………….11
Being a Tour Guide
 As a tourism student, one usually looks forward to joining the real world of the tourism business because of all the fun that comes with the job. The main difference of the tourism jobs and all other kinds of professions is that, tourism jobs come with a share of the fun. Take for example, a tour guide, they get to visit all the interesting places they are taking their guests to. So as part of the job, a tour guide gets to tour many parts of the world and manage to kill two birds with one stone. With that said, being a tour guide is not a walk in the park, it is not an easy job because it entails learning a lot of details and keeping it in memory. There is nothing as boring as a person who is trying to teach others and keeps referring to their notes due to lack of knowledge on the subject of discussion. A successful tour guide is one who is usually ready with information at their fingertips, among many other requirements.
Main Responsibilities
In the United Kingdom, for example, the main responsibilities of a tour guide entails introducing tourists to the unique and popular tourist attractions, for example, historical monuments, museums, royal parks, botanical gardens, cultural sites and art galleries, among so many other attractions. This is a job that requires vast knowledge of the area, so that a tour guide should be able to locate each of these attractions with ease. That is not also enough, a tour guide should have mastered as much details about the attractions as they can so that they can pass on the information to the tourists with ease and with a lot of interesting facts. A tour guide somehow does some sort of marketing, because it is due to them that a tourist might gain an interest in a particular attraction in the first place.
The other responsibilities in this profession is to make plans and organize tours around particular areas of interest. In this job, there could be a requirement to specialize in some few areas, for example one can become an expert in bird watching so that they can guide the bird watchers into their paradise with birds, learn several species of birds and so on. A tour guide also has the role of playing a cultural ambassador for their country, one should be able to inject tidbits of information about the beauty of their country to allow the visitors to have an all-round satisfaction about a country’s cultural, social and historical highlights.
A tour guide is also supposed to act a liaison between the guest and various tourist establishments. This means that a tour guide should be able to suggest the best places where the visitors can have rest during their tours, and the tour guide should also be in a position to make necessary arrangements for accommodation as required of them. This means that they should have a good relation with these establishments so that they can organize where their guests will have a great deal for their accommodation needs.
Certification and Licensing
Before one can join this profession, there are certain certification requirements that are a must. This is because, tour guides are people who will be dealing with gusts touring a foreign country and they need to be in safe hands. These certification therefore include, being fully registered with a local or even regional national tourism regulation board. A tour guide can also work a s licensed tour operator, or one can work for a tour company as their registered tour guide or be employed by the national trust and local councils for their tour guiding needs.
There is absolutely no mandatory academic requirements for one to become a tour guide, but there are professional trainings and registrations that are mandatory. Most of these training will be provided by a country’s tourism ministry, so as to standardize their services for the sake of their tourists. These ministries have institutions set up who are responsible for setting up qualification standards and regulating the profession across the country. Fluency in English, especially in the UK is a must and it is tested with a verbal exam. Any extra knowledge of a modern language is an added advantage.
Expected Pay
Working as a tour guide does not come with high salary perks, the main benefit for this kind of job is the tips that one can earn per trip depending on how good they handle their job ad impress the guests. In the United Kingdom the tour guide salaries range from 12,000Euros to 20,000 Euros. These amounts are then supplemented by generous tips form tourist or from commission payments that one can earn from commercial tourist attractions. It is rare to find tour guides working on a full-time basis, this is due to the seasonal nature of the tourism market, and many prefer to work only during the high season when they are assured of getting jobs. The salaries for tour guides are usually calculated on a daily basis, and many times, the salary does not include accommodation and food especially when one goes for a job overnight or to multi-location tours. If one is lucky to work for large tour companies, these expenses can come as a packaged part of their employment contract.
Typical Work Environment
A typical work environment for a tour guide can entail a lot of travel and irregular work schedules. Many of them can also find themselves working for the full seven days in a week. The advantage comes in when the season is low, many tour guides get to take a break from their busy schedules when the season is low. Many of them even end up working two jobs as the tour guide job may not be able to fully sustain an individual owing to its seasonality.
Future Prospects
The profession has many chances for training and progression which are normally structured into four levels where an interested person can make their choice and grow with time. The career path for a tour guide is not fixed, a person can start out as a freelancer, or get employed and even end up starting their own tour company. In addition to the academic requirements, there are some soft skills that are inevitable that a tour guide must possess. A person should be able to get on well with people, the job of a tour guide involves direct contact with guests, and they should have the best social skills. They should also interesting and creative so that they can make new and exciting experiences for every tourist.
Company Prospects
Some of the tour companies I would like to make an application to for the job of a tour guide includes Go West Tours, a destination management company cum tour operator that specializes in quality travel in the United States and in Canada. The products from this company are sold exclusively through travel agencies and tour operators. The company grew to have branches in New York, Montreal and San Francisco. The company currently employs about twenty people. I managed to speak to the management head, who has been the owner and manager since 1992. Mr. Forget was very encouraging, and going by the time he has been in the industry, the job is rewarding. His typical day involves going to the office, checking on all planned tours that all requirements have been handled, and ensuring that all other tour guides are assigned duties. Sometimes he also take one tour guiding session per day when the season is at its busiest. The other company I would like to work for is Bindle stiff Tours, an adventure tour company. It is still a small company, but I like that it has managed to specialize in offering adventures only. The company employs thirteen people, and it is based in Alaska, Western Canada, South west and Northwest USA.
Parting Shot
Working as a tour guide appears like an interesting and also rewarding job. Apart of so many opportunities to travel, one get a chance to meet people from all walks of life and from all over the world. Such a job means that a tour guide should be a real people’s person, because without important people skills, it is impossible to work as a tour guide. A tour guiding job also appears to be one that requires one to pay attention to details, this is because it is the details of tourist attraction sites that will make the job interesting.
RuizeGao170 Northbrook Ln. Apt. 207
State College, PA 16803
[email protected]
The Pennsylvania State University
Bachelor of Science in Economics
Expected graduation: December 2018
FrontdeskGrandsky HotelJune 2016-August 2016
Shenzhen, China
Helping guest check in
Helping guest check out
Recommend top entertainment and dining options for guest in the hotel
Forster sturdy working affiliation with all hotel departments
Greet all guests in a professional and courteous
Act as a public relations agent for the hotel
Information deskJune2017-August 2018
China Merchants Bank
Xian, China
Helping Customers for general questions
Organize the customers by different business
Directed and answered incoming calls to distressed staff members and handled inquiries
Receive and submit bills from vendor to the accounts
Maintaining daily records of outgoing and incoming calls and checks
Handling clerical and administrative duties as assigned by the bank manager
Managing postal, couriers, messages and ticket booking for the banking staff.

Listening patiently to concerns and inquiries of customers and guiding them to the appropriate personnel.

InternJune 2018-July2018
Lianbang Law officeXian, China
Learned how to prepare legal documents under the guidance of the mentor
Went through legal cases, as well as understood what was expected of me in the cases.

I attended the court hearings for numerous matters, as well as legal proceedings
I conducted research on legal issues that were assigned to me.
I accompanied my mentor to client meetings and advice clients about cases
I put input in legal opinions that were very informed as research was imperative in the law firm
I recorded the court hearings, as well as noted down some notes to read before attending court.
ClarinetCompetition Fall 2009
SwimmingCompetition (7 th)Fall 2011
Elderly Care HomesSummer 2015/2016/2017
Ruize Gao170 Northbrook Ln. Apt. 207
State College, PA 16803
[email protected]
Josie FerrerHigh Peaks Region Management80 Wending WayHigh Point, CA 99920(555) 992-2902
RE: Experienced Tourism Marketing Manager Advertised on Travel Weekly Paper,
Dear Mr. Ferrer,
I am pleased to tender in my application for the advertised post of a Tourism Marketing Manager. I am a lifelong fan of High Peaks Region and I admit I was thrilled to see your advertisement, and I am a perfect match for the positions and I am the person you need.

My last post at the Great canyon National Park saw me accomplish various tasks including:
Being in charge of all tourism budgets and business in the park.
Spreading awareness of the national park in all available social media websites.

Did direct mailing to all our potential customers to attract them to visit the park.

Contributed to the parks travel magazine writing.
In my short tenure at the Great canyon, my efforts paid off as I managed to increase our visitor numbers by three fold. My passion for nature and truism has contributed much into my efforts to let them known to a lot of people especially young families.

Sir, I will really appreciate a chance to give more details about my expertise during an interview. Pleas call me on 717-434-3419 at your earliest convenience.
Thank you for your time,
Ruize Gao170 Northbrook Ln. Apt. 207
State College, PA 16803
[email protected]
Myanmar Tourism Marketing
Room No. 4-B, Nilar CondoNo. 204, Bo Myat Tun Road (Middle Block)Pazundaung TownshipYangon, MyanmarTel: (+95) – 09-977204456E-mail: [email protected]:  HYPERLINK “” “_blank” and www.myanmar.travelDear Sir/Madam,
As a successful marketing professional with a wide experience that has led to several business start-ups, my extreme focus, result orientation and drive has positioned me as a sure leader. My combined key strengths and abilities range from relationship building and management, product presentation, service deliver coupled with deliver in a fast-paced tourism environment, I am currently seeking for an opportunity to make use of my abilities in a reputable company such as yours.
I am a real problem solver due to my creativity, I easily identify gaps in a process and I have in the past implemented proven sales and marketing solutions that has led to growth revenue. My background has also enabled me to be savvy in generating public and media interest through the creation of several media campaigns, client communications and brand identity.
In my past role as a marketing manager, I have managed to make some key contributions like:
Identifying a niche market ad proactively creating a marketing plan that increased our dealer traffic in the Spanish language. This resulted in a 25 percent increase in our tourism sales and 40 percent walk-ins.

I managed to come up with digital media campaigns and featured product communications that led to growth in sales.
Creatively managing the company website to make it user friendly.
Reduced inventory losses thorough the development of monthly newsletter.
My diverse skills are transferrable to any industry, and my passion is in tourism marketing. With my proven record in stimulating growth, generating new revenue streams and increasing sales, I seek to bring on board my unequaled skills.

I welcome the opportunity to come for a face to face discussion so we can further discuss my expertise.
Thank you in advance,
Ruize Gao170 Northbrook Ln. Apt. 207
State College, PA 16803
[email protected]

Chicago Travel and Tourism,
Toll Free: 1 (555) 512-6768Local: (452) 841-9390Dear Sir,
I read with utmost interest your advertisement on Travel about the position for a marketing manager. I am delighted to say that I possess all the qualifications you are seeking for this post.

As seen in my resume, I have an extensive work record, both as an intern and in paid employment. I have worked in a diverse range of areas that include digital marketing, direct sales, branding, and segmentation. I was put in charge of a small team of marketing professionals in one of my work responsibilities and the experience was immense.

My experience in the tourism industry has seen me working with international clientele in various positions as a marketer. I am also an active member of the leading marketing association and this has kept me abreast with all the latest marketing trends for the tourism industry, especially the emerging online marketing.
I am very optimistic about joining your esteemed team.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Ruize GaoAppendix
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