Unit 11 the role of public health in health and social care Introduction

Unit 11 the role of public health in health and social care
Introduction: under the detail insight of public health topic we may come into contact with some basic concepts toward the different protective measures of various diseases which may infected to the public and that is needed to be guard under the control of preventive measures and we also see the different approach for public health understanding in a rightly manner. So it mainly concerns for us and the state ruled authority that we need to protect and save our community and public from any sort of epidemiological attack on their health with an integrated platform so that the public health may show us we are in healthy community resident. That needs a detailed and comprehensive attention by different specialised scholar about the public health harmonised with a view to overall condition of any state which can be done as to our discipline of health and social care study concern as best as an unique way to make sure public health is protected and secured. Now I will try to clarify the idea of public health condition by showing an effort to justify the roles of different agencies contribution to minimise the various disease problem and present some statistical data about epidemiological disease infectious and non-infectious factor in the community. In addition to this explanation can be presented or elaborated by the application of different approaches about the disease within the public health related community.